GOODWE NS SERIES 1-3KW | Single-phase | 1 MPPT
 GoodWe's NS series inverters use advanced technology in solar photovoltaic energy conversion. These products are ideally suitable for new housing projects or small family installations, with power ranging from 1 to 3kW for installations with as small as 3 solar panels. Comprehensive MPPT technology, software, and hardware technologies are guaranteed for maximum longevity.


Maximum DC input power (Wp) 1-3KW
Maximum DC input voltage (V) 80
Start-up Voltage (V) 1-3KW 
Rated Power Output (W) 1.3-3.9KW
Rated Ouput Freqency (Hz) 220/230
Maximum Efficiency 50/60
 Protection Degree 96.5%-97.5%
Operating Temperature Range (ºC) 25~60
Relative Humidity 0~100%
Cooling Method Sự đối lưu tự nhiên
User Interface LCD & LED
Communication RS485 or WiFi
Weight (kg) 7.5
Size (Width*Height*Depth mm) 344*274.5*128
Certification IEC61727 & IEC62116, EN61000, EN62109, EN50530 & IEC61683 & IEC60068, VDE 0126-1-1
 Protection Anti-Islanding Protection
Input Reverse Polarity Protection
Insulation Resistor Detection
Residual Current Monitoring Unit
Integrated output Over Current Protection
Output Short Protection
Output Over Voltage Protection
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  • GoodWe NS Series is a single-phase grid-tied inverter that converts DC power from solar panels to 220V AC and connects to the grid.
  • GoodWe DNS series single-phase grid-tied inverters with compact size, optimized hardware and software meet the standards of durability, longevity as well as modern design.
  • The weight of the product is about 30% lighter than other product lines on the market.
  • Good power generation with only 3 solar panels, low starting voltage from 80VDC. Built-in DC power switch.
  • The operating temperature radiates as low as 45°C even when running at full capacity.
  • GoodWe DNS series brings high efficiency with leading technology. Dust and water-resistant, optimized cooling process without a fan, providing smooth operation.
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STT Product datasheet Download
 1  Product datasheet  GW_NS_Datasheet.pdf
 2  Installation instructions  Quick Installation Guide NS.pdf
 3  User manual WiFi  GW_NS, DNS_User Manual-EN.pdf
 4  Configuration Instruction  WiFi Configuration Instruction.pdf


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