PDS33 Solar Pump Controller 2.2kW~18.5kW
- The PDS33 solar pump controller adopts a new hardware technology platform and uses the MPPT algorithm to maximize the conversion efficiency of the device. The output AC can be applied to various constant water pumps; DC and AC inputs are supported. When solar power is not available, the controller can be switched to single-phase or three-phase AC input such as a generator or mains power. The PDS33 solar pump controller provides a remote monitoring solution that can remotely monitor various operating data and equipment operating fault information.

   PDS33 Solar Pump Controller 2.2kW~18.5kW

- Schematic diagram of the solar pump system:

- Working Principle: The PDS33 solar pump system serves to provide water in remote applications where mains power is unreliable or unavailable. The controller can convert DC power from PV arrays to AC power, and control different types of pumps. On sunny days, the PDS33 solar pump system can pump water continuously. The system has no batteries or other energy storage devices.

Water should be taken to the storage tank for later use and the water sources are natural or special such as rivers, lakes, wells, water lines, etc. A float switch can be installed in the water tower to control the operation of the pump. And install a low-level probe in the well to detect well water so that when there is a shortage of water, the pump will stop. Figure 1 shows a typical diagram of a PDS33 solar pump system. The main parts and components of the system are listed after the diagram.

-PDS33 solar pump system is designed including:
A. Solar panels
B. DC Device Disconnector Switch or Disconnect Switch
C. PDS33 series solar pump controller 2.2kW~18.5kW
D. Pumps and motors
E. Water supply switch (optional)
F. Tank level switch (optional)


See detailed specifications : SAJ Datasheet.pdf
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  • Flexible:
    Compatible with IEC standard three-phase asynchronous motors
    Compatible with mainstream PV modules
    Can switch to mains power
  • Smart:
    Adaptive MPPT technology, with the efficiency of up to 99%
    Automatically adjust the amount of water
    Adaptive engine power
  • Cost-effective:
    Out-of-the-box system design
    Built-in pump motor protection
    No storage battery design, suitable for many applications
    Easy to maintain
  • Reliable:
    Leading engine & transmission technology, 10 years of market experience
    Soft start must avoid water hammer effect, prolong system life
    Built-in intelligent IGBT module, simple system design, to improve system reliability
    Built-in overvoltage, overheat and dry switch protection.
  • Remote monitoring:
    Standard RS485 interface
    Optional GPRS module for remote monitoring
    Monitor parameters of solar water pump anytime, anywhere
    Historical parameters available
    Support Android/iOS monitoring app and PC web
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 STT  Documentation Download

 Product datasheet

SAJ Datasheet.pdf
 2  User manual  PDS33 Solar Pump Controller User Manual.pdf
 3  Certification  PDS33 CE Certificate.pdf

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