Portable Solar Generator UA1100
- Outdoor travel and camping are the kinds of activities that many people enjoy. To keep in touch with others or use electrical devices, a reserve energy source is essential. Alternative Power Supply serves as a backup source for outdoors, camping, reading. Can be used to charge laptops, drones, lighting. 
- GOFORT 1200W with AC outlet 1200W (Max 2000W) 110V, 120W 12V DC, QC 3.0 & 45W Type C fast charge, 2 X USB 5V/2.4A, SOS Flashlight.
- Power supply for CPAP medical machines in case of emergency such as power outage.
- Use as a supply for indoor loads in case of problems with grid electricity.
- These storage units can be charged with a folding solar panel (suitable for picnics), charged with the car's charger, or with a power adapter.
1. Built-in Multi-Safety Protection (IC board temperature control)
2. Pure sine wave AC output
3. Continuous output power up to 1200W AC, up to 2000W
4. 12V voltage regulation technology
5. Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS-Uninterrupted Power Supply)
6. Adjustable frequency system (50Hz or 60Hz)
7. The radiator and fan are combined with aluminum housing material for efficient and noiseless heat dissipation, and there is a temperature control display.
8. Modern, trendy design. The SOS lamp has three brightness modes.


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- The Gofort 1200W Portable Power Station is a reliable backup battery for outdoor adventures and power outages.
Off-grid solar generator, providing green and clean electricity. A solid portable power source can power your iPhone, laptop, and camping lights as you go fishing for the weekend or work from home. With the Gofort 1100 portable power station, you can easily recharge your batteries on the go.


1.- Two 1200W AC outlets (Pure sine wave - makes the device more durable)
   - Rated power 1200W maximum 2000W.
   - Smart display to show input power, output power, and remaining battery power.

2. - Support for MPPT Technology.
    - 30% shorter charging time compared to traditional charging.
    - Compatible with 18V / 100W solar panels.
    - Giving you the freedom to enjoy clean, sustainable energy from nature.

3. - Uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
    - Can be charged and used at the same time.
    - Convenient to use indoors and outdoors where there is no grid electricity.

4. - The capacity is large enough to use many devices.
    - Support charging for up to 9 devices simultaneously, don't have to wait for your friends to finish charging before it's your turn.
    - Large battery capacity up to 1100Wh, no longer worry about lack of electricity.